11wk OB Appointment (close to 3mos)

I had another OB appointment today. Everything is going great and the baby is measuring right where it should be. My due date is still May 15th (a Mother's Day baby!). It finally looks like a baby now!! I saw the heartbeat and was even treated to a little swimming demonstration :) Next month we will be able to hear everything and see some major movement from the little bean.

No pictures yet, unfortunately. I am still trying to figure out what the issues between my scanner and photoshop are... I wasn't having any problems until I downloaded updates from HP. It's getting really annoying. What's up now, MACaholics?!

I figured it out. I had to scan with one program and edit with another. NOT FUN! If I were rich I would have the best computer ever. Sigh. Anyway... here's the baby!! :D It has its little legs sticking up. I thought it was the umbilical cord at first, but there's a knee and a little foot in there! It's amazing how much like a human we look at just 11 weeks after fertilization. I was grinning from ear to ear after this appointment. Maybe it had a little to do with the boys being at Heather's house, but I think mostly it was just happy pregger smiles. I get excited when I see them move on the sonogram... it makes it feel more confident that the pregnancy is viable.


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