Things That Annoy Me II

A while back I did a little post on random things that annoy me throughout the day. I think it's time for another list. Bear in mind I am in the first trimester of pregnancy right now so some of these items are unique to my current experience.

1. The magical draft that wafts in under the bathroom door to blow the shower curtain into you, taking up all the space and being generally annoying... and for some reason the curtain can absorb all the hot water, but remain freezing to the touch.
2. Having to put that one extra item on the shower shelf, knowing full well that you will most likely bump it and have to pick it off the floor every time you're in there.
3. How loud it is when that one extra item does fall into the basin... I KNOW YOU FELL, GOSH!!
4. Forgetting to bring the baby monitor from the living room to my room and having to go back downstairs to get it.
5. Being awake long enough to get hungry again and not being able to sleep until I forage around downstairs for something to eat. Settling for peanut butter bread and milk again.
6. Having to eat every 3 hours or face severe nausea.
7. Being asked the same question over and over again by Noah that doesn't even make sense... "Want to go to school with me, Mommy?" "Noah you're not going to school until next year!!". He asks me this every single day at least 3 times... sometimes through hand puppets.
8. Getting elbowed in the chest in bed, especially while I'm pregnant (they're sensitive)! I am talking extreme elbowing here... like a wrestling move kind of elbow. Know what... getting elbowed anywhere in bed is annoying. This happens at least once a night, but usually more.
9. Having to wake up in the morning.
10. Household chores (laundry, dishes, grocery shopping... they all still annoy me).
11. Gathering hubby's clothes off the floor and throwing them into the laundry basket that is LESS THAN A FOOT AWAY to take downstairs for cleaning.
12. Having to go through dirty, sweaty pockets for precious Taco Bell receipts, lighters, notes, and saved cigarette butts (thankfully he quit a couple weeks ago so no more butts and lighters!!)
13. Daytime... not a fan of daytime lately.
14. Insomnia.
15. I'm starving, but every bite of food makes me gag.
16. Bosley barking at everything he can see within a 10 mile radius from the backyard. Have you ever heard a beagle bark? It's amazing what sound comes from such a tiny animal.
17. Being broke all the time. Thanks a lot, Army pay.
18. How WIC gives vouchers for like 12 dozen eggs a month and 6 one pound blocks of cheese, which NO ONE would eat, but not enough cereal. I am very thankful to have WIC though, don't get me wrong.
19. Cleaning the toilet in a 4yr old boy's bathroom.

I deleted a few because they were a little too angry... and I'm really not angry.

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