Little Things

I've compiled a list of little things that annoy me in any given day. In no particular order.
  1. The suction in the trash can that holds onto the bag for what seems like hours.
  2. The dust left in a bag of cereal from all the smashed corpses of the nuggets that didn't make it (especially shredded wheat grrr).
  3. When you go to throw something away and it hits the lid and falls out of the can instead of making it into the bag.
  4. Going to make cookies or some other deliciousness only to find out that although you remembered to preheat the oven, you forgot to buy eggs or butter.
  5. Backing the car into the garage to make unloading groceries easier only to find that you didn't go in far enough and now can't get the baby out of the back seat.
  6. Getting the bills ready to ship out, but forgetting to mail them... again.
  7. Doing dishes yet again.
  8. Going grocery shopping yet again.
  9. Laundry... again.
  10. Trying to figure out what's clean and what's dirty in the hubby's pile of clothes.
  11. That tap tap tap on the bathroom sink in the morning while Hubby shaves.
  12. When the batteries die in the clock, but you don't realize they have.
  13. Going upstairs to get something, but forgetting what it was until you go back downstairs.
  14. Waiting for a show all week and then forgetting to watch the day it airs.
  15. Waiting to watch a movie because Hubby wants to watch it too, but he falls asleep every single time we try.
  16. 2am wake-up calls from both kids at the same time.
  17. Getting everyone and everything loaded into the car only to realize a block later that you forgot the cellphone and have to go back home.
  18. Operating on auto-pilot to get home, but you had one more errand to run and it doesn't hit you until you're in the driveway.
  19. The one thing you forgot to pick up at the grocery store... again.
  20. Never being able to shower, go to the bathroom, get dressed... really anything without an audience or some form of interruption from a child.
  21. Forgetting to put the cans out on the curb. DOH!
  22. When you're speed walking with a stroller and you accidentally step on the back wheel and almost wipe out.
that's all for now... feel free to share more.

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