Video Time

I uploaded a few new videos to the scrapbook site. They upload a whole lot faster and you can edit the length so I prefer to use that site. You sacrifice some of the quality, but I'm lazy so it's worth it to me ;)

Tristan Getting Into Trouble
Noah as the Sleeping Bag Monster
Noah and Josh Coloring Easter Eggs

Josh left yesterday morning. I spent the night scrapbooking, watching what I want on TV, and not having to deal with getting elbowed or snoring. I still miss him, but I like to think of positives ;) haha. Today we're heading out to the Phinizy Swamp again with Heather and Caleb. They've never been so it should be fun. Heather is like me and loves being outside. One of these days we're going to let the men watch the babies and go hiking in the woods. MMmMmmMmmmm woods... just a backpack, a water bottle, some granola bars, a utility knife, and a camera. OK maybe my binoculars and bird books too. I miss hiking on the trails at Nelson's Ledges and Mill Creek Park. I'm so glad I was raised to love the outdoors!

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