Swamp Buddies

We went to the Swamp again yesterday, but this time we brought Heather and Caleb with us. We had a great time! I still haven't been on all the trails there. We went on a new trail through the woods yesterday that ran alongside a creek and stopped at a big fenced-in pond. We saw all kinds of fun little animals and whatnot. Heather and I both had our babies strapped into their snuglis. It was definitely a good workout!

We stopped to have some snacks and rehydrate for a bit. I was eating an apple and let Tristan try sucking on it and he wouldn't let me have it back. Anytime I would try to take another bite he had himself a little fit. I bet it made his poor teeth feel better. I kept a really good eye on him because I didn't want him to somehow manage to bite a chunk off of it, but he never even came close. He eventually dropped it into the nasty creek water. Surprisingly he didn't freak out. I guess he was done. I got a pretty good shot of his new tooth this morning during breakfast.

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