Easter Weekend

We had a fun family weekend. Josh and I are both exhausted from dealing with a sugared-up 3yr old, but we're glad he had fun. You gotta let 'em go crazy once in awhile! OK... so Friday Noah and I made chocolate chip cookies. I was pretty sure it wouldn't actually work, considering the nature of the choc chip cookie, but we cut them into Eastery shapes. Flowers, butterflies, bunnies, and eggs... oh my. They looked pretty cute before they went in. Post cooking however, they looked like a huge delicious cookie blob. I think next year we'll get a pan that's shaped like a bunny or an egg or something and just do one huge cookie and decorate it after baking.

Saturday we colored our Easter eggs. This was the first time for Noah and BOY was he excited. Surprisingly enough his eggs didn't end up a nasty brown color after all the dipping and re-dipping he did. Coloring eggs was a yearly thing for us... we're talking HUGE, people. We each got an entire dozen to color and we would take hours getting every egg just how we wanted it. Josh apparently didn't color eggs very often growing up, so he of course had to color a few. I showed him some techniques. I'm pretty sure he had fun. He made a "World's Greatest Dad" egg and a "Sexy Mom" egg for me :) I guess I'm not the greatest ;) hahaha. Next year we're definitely boiling more eggs!

This morning Noah woke to find a full Easter basket in his doorway. We were still sleeping, but he was sure to drag it over to our bed and tell us all about the candy and toys the Easter Bunny had brought to him. The first thing I ate this morning was a reese's peanut butter cup. MmmmmMmmMMMmmm. That'll perk you up. Noah continued on his chocolatey sugar binge well into the day. Once he got a little too out of control we cut him off (and many a protest was made). He seriously couldn't stop moving and smiling. It was entertaining, but draining. We hid all the eggs (twice) and he was just as excited every time he found an egg as the first one he found "AN EGG! LOOK! I PIND IT!". After that we were wiped out so we ate our ham dinner and put the kids down early. It's so nice to have peace and quiet again. I don't understand how so many parents can live like that every day... feeding their kids all that sugar and caffeine. Craziness, I tell you.

So that was our weekend. Right now we're packing Josh up for a class he has to leave for next week. He'll be gone for a month. I keep reminding myself that a month is a long time, but I honestly can't trick my brain into actually believing that after a 38 month separation. I'm going to make use of my time alone and go visit Karrie and her family. Maybe I'll stay there the whole month... who knows! I know I'm really going to miss him. Another huge reason to take the trip. I hope you all had a great Easter!!

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