Last Night

I usually don't go to sleep until after 1am because one or both of the boys will inevitably get up around that time and need something. 11 o'clock rolls around and I hear Noah start to wail. He has to go potty. That's always the case when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's accompanied by leg cramps... like this time. Poor Noah has leg cramps quite often. I know exactly how he feels because I get them all the time. Motrin always works. So, I gave him some Motrin and asked him if he could fall back asleep. He squeaked out a yes and I left his room and listened in the hallway (I know better). He started wimpering again, not for me, just in general because he was in pain. I went right back in and started rubbing his poor little toothpick legs. I remember my mom doing the same for me when I was little and it was the greatest feeling ever.

He was starting to fall back asleep, but it was obvious the Motrin hadn't kicked in yet because every once in awhile he would twitch and roll, scrunch his legs up or straighten them out. I asked him if he wanted me to lay down for a little bit. "Yes"... so there we were, laying in his little bed cuddling and I just felt this overwhelming love. I was looking at his chubby cheeks and his long eyelashes, opening and closing more slowly as he was drifting off. I realized that this was one of those moments I would always remember and treasure, and one that he would probably forget. I got a little choked up, gave him a hug and kiss and told him I was going to go back to my bed. He said "OK" and went right back to sleep.

About an hour later Tristan woke up to eat and I fell asleep in my nursing chair with him. When I woke up he was passed out with a nice milk drool stream running down his cheek. My neck was aching from falling asleep with my head cocked to the side, watching him. I enjoyed holding my little sleeping baby for awhile and then placed him in the crib and went back to my room. Josh was turned facing the door, fast asleep with his hand under my pillow. I smiled and climbed into bed, gave him a kiss and went to sleep with my man.

I have not felt this much love in a long time and I can't express how thankful I am to have these 3 in my life. No matter how hard things may be, how tired I am, how boring life can get... I really love my life. I was trying to tell Josh about it, but I am so bad with words (when I talk). So, I wrote about it instead. I am not usually sappy and emotional, but kids will do that to you ;) That one night has recharged my batteries and had me feeling great. I haven't been annoyed with Noah since! hahaha... and that's an accomplishment :)

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