A Thousand Words

This was after our day at the Lake. Tristan is so stinkin' cute and smiley after a bath. Josh was kind enough to bring him downstairs and share the wealth :)

My proud drooly baby is a confident sitter and crawler... sorta. He's getting there hahaha :)

Noah's been coloring all week. As you can see, he stays in the lines now! Tristan was helping by drooling all over Noah's markers.

Noah built a castle all by himself and insisted I take a picture of his work of art. I was impressed with the design. He's so very talented.

Noah broke into the pantry and dumped out all the plastic bags and was diving into them like they were a pile of leaves. I took a video, but it's 3 minutes long and I am too lazy for it to upload. I will probably shorten it and put it onto the scrapbook site eventually. You can edit on that site.

Since Noah rides his big boy bike I get to go on power walks every day with the boys. Noah rides fast enough that my legs actually hurt from trying to keep up with him. His favorite thing to do is make skid marks all over the sidewalk now that he's learned about the brakes. Thankfully his shoes shall be spared now that he uses the pedals. He's getting very good! Tristan was carried most of his life so I didn't know how he would take to the stroller, but he loves it. He especially loves when he catches a glimpse of Noah on his bike riding next to him. I'm happy to report I have lost another 2lbs since we started the daily power walks and I can actually SEE it on myself. YAY! :D

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