Off to the Swamp Again

Well today was a nice day and I was feeling pretty energetic so I took the boys back out to the Phinizy Swamp. Noah needed the exercise... ok ok mostly I did. After the storms we had this week it was a little muddy on some of the trails. I told Noah to stay near the edge by the grass and he took that as his personal invitation to walk through the grass, of course. Tristan just went with the flow, as usual. He just was quiet most of the time, taking it all in. We ended up turning around to take the high road, which resulted in a pretty great time.

We were high and dry most of our walk. There were a few puddles here and there, but mostly we stuck to the paved trails. Noah got a kick out of all the dried footprints and the cracks in the mud. He kept looking down and telling me all about the tracks in the mud. He also couldn't help but break them apart. We walked along a new part of the swamp we hadn't seen . It was more "swampy" than the last time we went. I think we were walking near all the man-made pools last time. The trees in a swamp are so cool.

Noah eventually had to go to the bathroom so I escorted him on over. I had some fun with reflections :) Noah was dancing under the hand dryer (it was automatic). He thought it was hilarious when it blew on his hair and down his neck. Who would have thought a bathroom could be so much fun haha :)

We went back out into the wilderness and ran into a few passers-by. This nice man from Michigan told us there were some interesting critters over by the other bridge so we headed on over. He showed up not too long after and showed us where some snakes were sunning and little bass were getting ready to nest. While we were watching the snakes I spotted a muskrat in the water. At first I thought it was an otter, but after I looked again it was obviously just a huge gross rodent :P YAY SWAMP hahaha. Noah thought it was the most amazing thing ever to look across the water and see where we had been walking earlier.

Josh called us while we were out and told us he had an earlier soccer game and asked if we wanted to go. OF COURSE! So we went home and got ready to leave, yet again. Tristan had a great time, but was exhausted and hungry by the time we were done. He was so adorable in his little hat today.


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