Noah's Bike

Noah got a bike for Christmas. It was CJ's old bike and therefore, he refused to ride it for the longest time. He just kept protesting "NO! IT'S CJ'S BICLE!!". Finally we got him to agree to try it out. He was very excited. He made a huge deal about the flames painted all over it exclaiming "it's my fire bicle, lotta lotta fire". We tried without training wheels, but the concept of balance is completely lost on Noah still so Josh put the training wheels on for him. He did really well so the next day we went on a long walk/bike-ride. I finally got to walk at a decent fat-burning speed!! :D I made him walk his bike across a few streets because he isn't very controlled yet. Noah also has a tendency to watch his front wheel instead of the sidewalk... or he'll talk to everyone who happens to be outside and not pay any attention to where he's going.

He's been extremely social lately. We went to Kohl's this one day and he had grandparents getting other grandparents to come experience "the Noah". He just chats everyone up. Everyone we pass "HI! we're at the store! Daddy's getting shirts. We waiting for Mommy". It's quite funny :) I like that he talks to people. I think if everyone were more like Noah there would be a whole lot less crime and violence.

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