3 Days and Counting

I'm already sick of Josh being gone. I thought I was done with this "going it alone" shit. I guess I should have known better. Things don't really change all that much when he's not here. Just a few little things... like not gettin' any! (hahaha sorry).

Noah put his flight suit on yesterday and said "I'm going to school to find Daddy. He's lost. He's all alone. I go find him". Then he hopped on his trike and rode around the yard, came back and told me "I'm so so sad, really really sad" I asked him why and he replied "can't find him. I lost Daddy". It sucks. Every night when I tuck him in he tells me "Daddy coming home soon! He's at school" and I say "yep" but really he's not. We've got a long way to go.

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