Noah couldn't get enough books tonight! I finally had to say no once we got to the 5th book. I love reading to him, though. He wanted every Dr. Seuss book and he was paying such close attention. I am struggling like mad to not rhyme right now while I type haha.

I have some very vivid memories of reading when I was young. The first was with my sister Michelle. I would lay in her bed with her and she would read Black Beauty out loud to me before bed. I remember looking down at the old carpet, covered in kleenex (she's got allergies too haha) as she read that night's chapter. I remember some nights her hair was still wet from taking a shower before bed. I remember the furniture in the room and the view to the hallway from the bed. I remember the little yellow flowers on the sheets. I don't recall much of the story. Mostly I just remember being there with her. Not too long after that she moved out. Maybe that's why I love horses so much and want to have a farm so badly. She got me a copy of Black Beauty for a birthday at some point... I don't remember which birthday it was, but I know it was probably a fond memory for her too.

My second memory was when I was much older, maybe 15. My brother and I were taking turns reading Ellen DeGeneres' book "My Point, And I Do Have One". He was in the top bunk in his room and I was sitting on the floor. We were cracking up so hard that we HAD to take turns reading aloud. Man that book was hilarious! It took us a couple nights to finish it. It was an odd time for us during those years because we were both hitting puberty, struggling with the inevitability that is "growing up" so that was our time to play. We were always best friends, but we were growing apart in our awkwardness, starting to make new friends and becoming interested in things other than playtime. We had a weird couple of years, but then we were back in full swing making funny videos that our nieces and nephews still request to watch.

Another memory I have of reading was with my sister Vita. I always wanted to be with Vita and I loved sharing a room with her. I'm pretty sure the age difference created some friction as time went on and the novelty of room-sharing wore off, but back then it rocked. So there we were, in our room. She was reading one of her "Babysitter's Club" books and I was reading my "Babysitter's Little Sister" book. All I remember was that I was having a great time and that my book had a yellow-checkered cover. I think I was just so excited to be doing what my big sister was that I didn't pay too much attention to what I was actually reading. I was more interested in how fast she was reading, what her face looked like, how she held her book. I idolized her.

It's funny what memories we end up keeping. I have so many odd memories that when I look back I still can't figure out why I held onto them. These weren't the odd ones, but I was just thinking about it :)

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