Boys Are Horrible

I don't know how my mom did daycare because I really can't stand other peoples' kids. Especially the military kids around here. It's like none of the parents understand that discipline is important or respect for adults. OK... before I go off on a tangent let me tell my story.

Noah and I were walking to the mailbox and I see this huddle of kids. Young kids, no one over 7 I'm sure. There in the middle were these 2 little boys, maybe 5 years old. One was on top of the other one and was punching him as hard as he could. Then he unclenched his tiny fists and started choking the poor kid's neck, making sure to shake his head in the process. Then he went back to punching, this time with both fists. He would raise his arms up as high as they would go and bring down both fists as hard as possible right onto the other boy's face, head and neck. So... HELL YES I SAID SOMETHING! I screamed (yes I mean screamed) HEY!! HEY!! HEY!! STOP THAT!! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! And the kid didn't even look up until I started screaming STOP. I said "You do NOT choke people and punch people!". Then the strangest thing happened. The boy that was getting beat said "He's my brother!!" and gave me this scowl like he was going to come after me. I responded "I understand he's your brother but that doesn't mean he can choke you and punch you" (they were twins). Then I continued walking, and they continued fighting. They were looking right at me and yelling and beating each other as if to say you can't tell me what to do. If I had been in charge of these mongrels there would be some long discussions and a whole lot of "yes ma'am" going on at that point.

So I am still angry. I'm angry those boys are allowed to be that violent, especially to each other. Wrestling is one thing, flagrant beating is another. I'm angry they had no respect for me. The woman who was looking after them was sitting in the front yard and couldn't see what was going on. She had about 15 kids there. I guess she watches everyone else's kids after school for a bit. I was stupid and avoided confrontation, didn't say a word to her about the incident. They are probably those brats with a TV in their room, Playstation with every violent video game you can imagine, already have watched rated R movies (but only the ones for violence, not for sex... because apparently sex is more detrimental to a child's psyche). Those kids with parents who refuse to change what they do just because their kids are around. I HATE those parents because my poor kids have to deal with their evil spawn on a day-to-day basis.

My poor Noah is going to get the ever loving crap kicked out of him every single day once he starts school. Boys have the capacity to be such horrendous creatures.

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