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We're Still Alive! haha

I know I haven't been really good at updating lately. Sorry everyone!

Here's a visual of Noah's bed/clubhouse on the floor. This was Noah yesterday morning. I woke up an hour before everyone else did. It was nice and quiet. Great for coffee drinking :)

Shortly after that Josh woke up and we had our coffee together and he went off to work. Tristan was upstairs just jabbering away in the port-a-crib. I went in to get him and his entire left side was soaked in... whatever fluids leaked out of his diaper EWWW! He got a bath. He loves baths because he loves being naked.

We've been having a lot of fun during the day. I noticed Noah's behavior was getting out of control and I realized it was due to lack of personal attention. Josh and I make sure we spend quality alone time with Noah every day and he's been MUCH better. He's back to his old self. Poor Noah-Boah. We bought him 7 new dinosaur puzzles from Michael's because they were on clearance for 5…


Tristan has been able to flip from his front to back for a couple weeks now. He still hasn't managed to flip back over, but I don't know if he's really tried too hard. He scoots around way too much for a 4 month old. I will leave him on a blanket for tummy time and 5 minutes later he's off the blanket, trying to eat the rug. I used to put him on the boppy, but now he will stick his butt in the air and jerk his legs until he successfully launches himself over the boppy and back onto the floor where he can, once again, try to eat the rug. I guess he just really loves that rug! I gave him really watered-down cereal a couple weeks ago as well because my milk supply wasn't up to par. I was getting pretty desperate and even bought some formula in case I couldn't hack it. I did make one formula bottle, but he wasn't impressed so he's still never gotten any formula. He loved the cereal, but I think his digestive system is still too immature to handle i…

New Video

I tried to upload it to here, but the file was too big.


Noah's huge room all done

Noah dressed up and said he was going to work. I think he was an exterminator because he was looking for bugs everywhere.

We thought a craft would keep Noah busy so we made him a robot costume. He didn't want to decorate it, he just wanted to follow us around and say "I Wobot, Mami! I wobot Daddy!"

Josh standing in front of the house. We're the middle apt in the multiplex.

Pretty Georgia sunset :) I'm glad I still get to be treated to spectacular sunsets!

the living room is done! we need a bigger TV haha

I think Josh is happy ;)

this is how boys do a tea party

my gorgeous kitchen before we unpacked... it's still gorgeous I just haven't taken another pic yet

note the grande boots Noah is wearing. For the first few days when Josh would go off to work Noah had meltdowns, thinking he wasn't coming back. He's OK now, though. It broke Josh's heart to leave while Noah was crying for him.

trying on Daddy's work clothes

Trying to Get Settled

Our house is still in disarray, but getting better daily. I got a new desktop! It's a Mac G4 and I LOVE it. Would you believe we found it at Goodwill?! I am still getting used to using a Mac instead of a PC, but it's not too much of an adjustment since it came with OSX. I can't wait to try out all the little "i" applications. I've already added everyone to my address book.

We also had to get new phones. Soon I will be sending out the "we've moved" cards with all the info on them. I'm having some trouble trying to get access to my photos since they're on an external hard drive that was formatted for a PC. I also have no photo editing program to resize with anymore... for now. Pics will just have to wait even longer... sorry guys.

I've started a little exercise routine despite the need to clean and organize this place. I can already feel the burn. Hopefully, I will shed this baby belly quick because I miss my jeans! I hav…

Off to Georgia!

We ended up leaving at 8pm on Christmas Day, which we all felt kind of awful about... but there was a storm a brewin' and we didn't want to get stuck in it or anywhere around it. We didn't make it too far that night, just a few hours out which was just enough to get a decent amount of space between us and the snow. The next day was just driving driving driving. It was awful. We were all cranky and cramped and the car still smelled like febreeze and puke. Tristan was miserable and wanted to stop every hour or so. He wasn't taking normal naps because he was just so sick of the dang car. I swore if I had to eat anymore fast food my entire body was going to go into massive shock. Josh was "in the zone" and just wanted to keep going and going. We struck a deal. I put up with another couple hours in the car and promised if we stopped a steak would be on the menu. So... we got a really nice hotel room and ordered Outback Steakhouse. I cannot tell you how…

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa N.

We didn't arrive too late, but it took us at least 6 hours to make a 4 hour trip with the 2 boys. We were all happy to get out of the car again. We made ourselves right at home, nestled among the 7 or 8 Christmas trees all around haha :) We had a big turkey and ham dinner, played Taboo and Battle of the Sexes, laughed and visited a whole lot. Noah put reindeer food and cookies out again... and carrots for Rudolph. The lucky lad must have been REAL good this year to have 2 visits from Santa! ;)

We had a great visit and G & G N. went out of their way to make us feel right at home. We had a wonderful time and I remembered to get pics this visit! They got Tristan the most adorable little outfit with a train on it. Sooooooo cute.

We ended up leaving late Christmas Day to try and beat some weather and make it to GA in time to check in so we could get a hotel room.

Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma B.

After a million stops and an entire day in the car we finally arrived and Grandpa and Grandma B's house in Missouri. There was snow on the ground and it was pretty cold out. They had just had a huge ice storm so every tree looked like God came through on a rampage and stepped on them. The 22nd we just hung out and relaxed all day. I unpacked and repacked everything so that I'd feel better, got to do some laundry. Ahhhhhh :) Later that night Noah and Grandma made some cookies for Santa and placed them on the hearth. He also put some reindeer food out. Noah was excited about Santa coming!

Somehow I forgot to get a picture with Tristan in it too. I'm pretty angry at myself. We also didn't get a group shot. I must have been more stressed over the trip and all the house stuff than I thought. Anyway... "Christmas" morning came and Noah was SOOOOO excited about all his presents. Josh went out and got him this craftsman tool set from Lowe's the night …

Our Journey Begins

After cleaning like crazy and tossing and turning on our living room floor the night of the 19th. We finally got moving on the night of the 20th. We didn't leave until 8pm. Literally... I mopped the floor, closed the garage door, and we left San Antonio for good. We were gross from cleaning, covered in paint, and cramped. Josh did all the packing so I was all kinds of irked because I NEED to know where everything is at all times. We made it to Dallas and got a hotel room so we could sleep in a bed and take showers and change clothes. Everything was so unorganized and we had been wearing basically the same clothes for 3 days. UGH! I told Josh we HAD to stop and he didn't argue a bit.

Feeling refreshed and well-rested we set off the next morning, feelin' fine. Everything was going well until lunch time. Let me preface this by saying this was definitely our fault. We allowed Noah to have a chocolate milk from starbuck's and then he was watching a movie on the p…

Packing Up and Shipping Out

December 17th and 18th were our packing and moving days. They showed up on the 17th and packed everything up in boxes and then loaded it all up on the 18th. Everything we wanted to take with us in the car to cover our 2+ weeks on the road we stuck out on the deck. We had to install a luggage rack onto the Honda and then get a bin for the top.... a huge one. We were sooooo cramped in the car! There wasn't an inch of space left and it drove me CRAZY.

Our house was covered in dirt, dust, and boxes... floor to ceiling boxes. I couldn't believe how much crap we have. I even cleaned out clutter for months as we were waiting to see what was going to happen with us. I had entire curbs full of junk for the trashmen, but still... floor-to-ceiling boxes!

Karrie and Clint let us stay at their place for 2 nights while we cleaned our empty house. CJ was nice enough to surrender his bed to Josh and I and Noah just passed out on the floor next to us. Tristan was in his portable crib …

The Last Hurrah

Our last weekend in San Antonio was tons of fun. Brandon, Vita, Clint & Karrie all came over and we played a bunch of games until like 4 in the morning. We had a great time. There were a few sad moments, but mostly we just laughed and enjoyed each others' company.

Look at these pretty ladies. I really hope y'all hang out together in Austin. Fun times. Fun times indeed :)comparing feet... Josh always wins in this category because his feet are freakishly ginormous... I love you, baby haha :)

Together at last. I think if it were feasible we'd just super glue our faces together like this. TAKE HIM FROM ME AGAIN AND DIE!!!

Karrie was the scorekeeper for a round and put her name on the list twice... she's so dang full of herself lol. I told her I wanted a pic so she embellished her mistake with little hearts and a #1. I miss you Karrie! :(

Here's the whole gang (minus me). Jennifer would have been there if I just would have CALLED instead of leaving her a Mysp…