Trying to Get Settled

Our house is still in disarray, but getting better daily. I got a new desktop! It's a Mac G4 and I LOVE it. Would you believe we found it at Goodwill?! I am still getting used to using a Mac instead of a PC, but it's not too much of an adjustment since it came with OSX. I can't wait to try out all the little "i" applications. I've already added everyone to my address book.

We also had to get new phones. Soon I will be sending out the "we've moved" cards with all the info on them. I'm having some trouble trying to get access to my photos since they're on an external hard drive that was formatted for a PC. I also have no photo editing program to resize with anymore... for now. Pics will just have to wait even longer... sorry guys.

I've started a little exercise routine despite the need to clean and organize this place. I can already feel the burn. Hopefully, I will shed this baby belly quick because I miss my jeans! I have a grand total of 2 pairs that fit me without squeezing all my flab out into a spare tire.

The house is almost off our hands. We've got a contractor working on it and the insurance check is here so everything should work out just fine. OK I feel guilty for sitting here when there's so much work to be done.

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