Tristan has been able to flip from his front to back for a couple weeks now. He still hasn't managed to flip back over, but I don't know if he's really tried too hard. He scoots around way too much for a 4 month old. I will leave him on a blanket for tummy time and 5 minutes later he's off the blanket, trying to eat the rug. I used to put him on the boppy, but now he will stick his butt in the air and jerk his legs until he successfully launches himself over the boppy and back onto the floor where he can, once again, try to eat the rug. I guess he just really loves that rug! I gave him really watered-down cereal a couple weeks ago as well because my milk supply wasn't up to par. I was getting pretty desperate and even bought some formula in case I couldn't hack it. I did make one formula bottle, but he wasn't impressed so he's still never gotten any formula. He loved the cereal, but I think his digestive system is still too immature to handle it. Maybe now he could, but not then. Tris loves to watch us all eat and he's really good at grabbing at plates and flipping forks now haha. I let him try my sweet potatoes yesterday and he was freaking out with joy. I usually put a little something on my pinky for him to try at dinnertime. He's a whopping 15lbs and really long. I've already had to retire a few 3-6mos outfits. Yesterday he was wearing 9mos carter clothes and they were comfortable, not big. Carter runs small, but that's CRAZY! My little man is growing too fast :(

Noah's communication skills are improving every day. We recently took him out of pull-ups at night since he hadn't woken up wet for a couple weeks, but that backfired because he's peed the bed 3 nights in a row. Sigh. We also moved him from the top bunk to the lower bed yesterday. It's way too difficult to change sheets on a bunk bed! Josh set it up like a clubhouse and he's thoroughly enjoying himself. Noah's new favorite thing to play with is my dyson hand vac. Really all I've used it for is to suck up all the fruity pebble carcasses he leaves laying around the living room. It's really lightweight and Noah loves cleaning his own messes so WOOOOHOOO! Noah's new favorite word is "can't". If we tell him to do something he says "can't" and then we fire back "yes you CAN and you WILL"... and he whines and cries, but he does it. His new favorite phrase is "I do myself!" if we try to do anything for him. He's developed a sense of humor and a great imagination all of a sudden. We'll tell him he's crazy or weird and he responds "I not crazy, I Oah!". He plays really well on his own. He's gotten eerily good at doing puzzles. He can successfully complete a 100 piece puzzle now (if I do the border for him). He could probably do it all on his own, but I think he'd get frustrated and quit before really getting anything done.

Right now Tristan is napping and Noah is downstairs banging on something. I should probably go see what he's up to. He has a tendency to make huge messes trying to do things on his own.
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