Off to Georgia!

We ended up leaving at 8pm on Christmas Day, which we all felt kind of awful about... but there was a storm a brewin' and we didn't want to get stuck in it or anywhere around it. We didn't make it too far that night, just a few hours out which was just enough to get a decent amount of space between us and the snow. The next day was just driving driving driving. It was awful. We were all cranky and cramped and the car still smelled like febreeze and puke. Tristan was miserable and wanted to stop every hour or so. He wasn't taking normal naps because he was just so sick of the dang car. I swore if I had to eat anymore fast food my entire body was going to go into massive shock. Josh was "in the zone" and just wanted to keep going and going. We struck a deal. I put up with another couple hours in the car and promised if we stopped a steak would be on the menu. So... we got a really nice hotel room and ordered Outback Steakhouse. I cannot tell you how glorious it was to eat steak, salad, potatoes, bread, and a bloom with plasticwear in a hotel room. Seriously... it was so amazing to have real food despite the fake utensils ;) Poor Tristan was so relieved to be out of the car he just passed right out on one of the beds. We were supercharged after that and even got to bed at a decent hour :O Next morning we were back on the road. Our goal was to make it to our destination before 6pm. With only 5 actual drive-time hours... leaving at 10am you'd think that was a pretty reasonable goal.

(I used to suck on these same 2 fingers when I was little!)

My favorite part of the trip was Tennessee. Oh how I want to live in Tennessee. It's such a beautiful state. Josh and I were both in awe driving through.

Right on the border of Tennessee and Georgia we stopped for more fast food :P and that's when our realtor called about the offer on the house. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I guess in our excitement we did something wrong or failed to do something right? Whatever the case... our car would not start back up in front of this Wendy's with the mountains in the background. Josh was afraid it was something really serious, but we both agreed before getting all worried and frustrated we'd ask someone for a jump and see what happened. One of the Wendy's employees graciously came outside and pulled her little Jetta up to help us out. BINGO! We haven't had a car problem since.

Towards the end of our journey, at around Atlanta (one and a half hours away) both boys began to cry and pretty much didn't stop until we got there. This was perfectly understandable seeing at it was about 10pm, which meant we'd been in a car for 12 flippin' miserable hours. We finally made it, though, and despite the late hour I bathed my poor boys to calm them down before official "bedtime". We let Noah bring his new tools into the bathtub. He was on cloud nine.

We thought if we made it into Georgia before Friday we'd be able to get our housing, but we were wrong. We ended up living in this hotel room from Thursday night until Monday morning. It was awesome to get into our house on New Year's Eve :) Josh and I were exhausted just from all the traveling and crap we'd been through so it wasn't much of a celebration. But, we love the house and were grateful to finally be together.

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