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Why I'll Be at the March for Science

I am going to march with my fellow scientists on April 22nd, and for many great reasons. Here are a few.

It was discovered in 1929 that lead was poisonous in paint... however, lobbyists fought science on it until 1978 when it was finally banned. It killed thousands of people, mostly children. They blamed it on parents. They said science wasn't proving without a doubt that lead was bad. They wanted to force laws on science that are incredibly restrictive and unreasonable. They are doing this now with our food and our environment.

Food corporations spend billions of dollars lobbying to keep themselves in business by encouraging the government to use old or unsound science (that was bought and paid for) instead of the hundreds of well-researched and articulated studies done by independent laboratories. They employ lawyers to whittle down scientific studies... lawyers. Not scientists. They argue over syntax, not content. Their main goal is economics, not health. It is a dee…


You never see the lonely
They hide in plain sight
The floor below in Boyden
With the tables packed and loud
Hovering above, playing their
Symphonies of belonging.
The lonely sit among the statues
The cold and silent stone
The unwanted doppelgangers of Rome
Below the echo of laughs like thunder
Muffled conversations gather like clouds
And rain down
An added reminder
That there's nothing here
Nothing but the lonely
As those who belong
Collect their stories on Olympus
Here I am
Forgotten and old.