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The Magical Magicicada Brood II

Some women may look at the cicada which resembles a bug-eyed steroid-enhanced ginormous housefly and shiver, maybe even squeal.  Like a girl.  I don't.  A lot of that has to do with the numerous entomology lessons I received from my cousin Sandy when I was a kid.  She turned the creepy-crawly bug into a fascinating adventure into the art of adaptation.  Insects are amazing.  This particular 17 year Magicicada (yeah, that's their Latin name because scientists know they're magical) emergence is one of the greatest examples of the awesomeness of the insect world.  Allow me to share with you my insights and maybe if you see one of these little guys hanging around your house you'll be able to view them with the same awe and respect that I do.

For those that aren't aware, this particular brood has been underground for seventeen years.  That's a helluva long time to just be hanging out underground, waiting for an internal clock to go off and tell you it's time to …

For me, It Was the Dancing

OK people, I'm too emotional (and tired and lazy) to describe who everyone is so forgive me but I am speaking to my family and everyone who knows them, knows their names.  I need to try and get this out before it stops making sense to me.
I just got back from my niece Alexandria's wedding and I spent almost the entire six hour drive home pondering the events of this weekend, crying.  What started the waterworks?  A sudden memory that hit me and made everything come together.  A video of me at Tristan's age, refusing to dance with my niece Rachel when she was barely old enough to walk.  Fast forward to yesterday... I spent the entire reception dancing with Rachel.  I realized that as much as everything changes, it also stays the same, and sometimes the change is the best part.
I remember being at that very Church for Michelle's wedding as a flower girl.  I remember our Dad giving her away to Tilden and my Mom crying in the front row.  There I was again at that same Chur…