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Update on Brennan

Just wanted to let everyone know that Brennan is back up to his old tricks and showing no signs of a traumatic head injury. He's eating well, playing well, sleeping well, and no longer feels pain. Already?! I KNOW! I plan on taking him in to the pediatrician just so she can basically poke around at his head and tell me he's fine. I'm glad he's still young and his little plates haven't fused together yet.

ER Strength Training

Yesterday afternoon Brennan fell through the slats in the banister on the upper floor, down to the marble stairs 6 feet below... and landed on his head. He is miraculously fine. They took x-rays and the one 6" long, 1" high bump he had on his head is now a barely visible red mark. I don't know how we got away with this, but I am thankful.

I walked the halls with him in my arms for 6 hours last night. Today he's been really cranky and wants to be held (and of course Daddy won't do) so I've been carting around a 25lb 22mos old for about twelve hours. He's also getting a cold, which doesn't help. I have 3 bushels of clean laundry waiting to be folded but any time I move I am treated to a full-out kicking and screaming, flat on the floor, snot bubbles and drool strings, toddler fit.

While this is going on Tristan is climbing and jumping all over the place, doing cartwheels, talking non-stop about nothing... but God forbid I don't listen! He a…

Summer Is Coming, and So Is 30

I just joined SparkPeople to help me stay motivated to get back in shape. Rants From Mommyland has a team! I am on the Warrior Team because I have super lofty goals haha. Anyone else in?!

Josh is Home, Just in Time for Baseball!

I may have blogged this a good fifty times at this point, but it's still just as exciting for us. Josh is home!! He was gone for 7 weeks... not very long in the Army world, but we missed him all the same. Unfortunately, after all the flight shifting and changing, canceling and rescheduling, his bags were lost in the mix. Since he was at school he had EVERYTHING... a good $5,000 worth of gear and uniforms. Thankfully they found the bags and 2 out of the 3 should be delivered today. Whew... like we wanted to spend our tax return on repurchasing everything he was ever issued.

We were treated to a front-row seat to Spanish troops coming home after a deployment to Afghanistan. It was a nice reminder that we're not alone out there. All their kids, wives, the Army, a police escort... they're heroes here too and everyone was there to welcome them home. It was a very familiar scene, just different flags on their shoulders. I was happy to see it (and snapped a picture, …