Josh is Home, Just in Time for Baseball!

61 - HOME

I may have blogged this a good fifty times at this point, but it's still just as exciting for us. Josh is home!! He was gone for 7 weeks... not very long in the Army world, but we missed him all the same. Unfortunately, after all the flight shifting and changing, canceling and rescheduling, his bags were lost in the mix. Since he was at school he had EVERYTHING... a good $5,000 worth of gear and uniforms. Thankfully they found the bags and 2 out of the 3 should be delivered today. Whew... like we wanted to spend our tax return on repurchasing everything he was ever issued.

20110303 8404

We were treated to a front-row seat to Spanish troops coming home after a deployment to Afghanistan. It was a nice reminder that we're not alone out there. All their kids, wives, the Army, a police escort... they're heroes here too and everyone was there to welcome them home. It was a very familiar scene, just different flags on their shoulders. I was happy to see it (and snapped a picture, of course).

20110305 5712

20110305 5722

20110305 5724

20110305 5726

Noah had his first game yesterday! He spent the majority of his time messing with his buddy Matthew, jumping around, acting crazy. I caught him standing on the bench, leaping over to the other side of the dugout to cling to the fence like Spiderman. He also dabbled in dirt collecting with a random plastic bag he found. Good news, he was 2 for 2 when he was at bat and his team won 13 to 6. I'm glad he started with coach pitch and his coaches are all wonderful guys. Love the head coach. He's extremely patient and is doing a great job teaching them fundamentals and trying to get them excited about playing the game. This is not an easy task. Way to go Coach R! :)

20110305 5702

20110305 5720

I may talk to the head coach and see about doing team and individual pictures for all the teams. Last year they didn't have someone and he expressed some interest. A lot of work to do if this is going to happen... ordering cardboard frames, figuring out pricing, buying another memory card, making order forms... I look forward to it, but am nervous (as always). I need more confidence. If anyone out there watches "Top Chef" I would compare myself to Richard Blaise... doing good things, but constantly second-guessing and freaking out. Hopefully I will get over that soon ;)

In other news pink eye is running through our house. Brennan slept in our bed with us and the next morning I couldn't open my eye. Then, since I was feeling particularly crappy I failed to wash our bedding and Josh woke up with it this morning. At least we have all the drops we could ever need. Yay :P
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