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Belated Blogging

I've been able to talk on the phone or text with people since we moved back so I've admittedly allowed the blog to fall to the wayside a bit.  However, for the benefit of everyone who's been following that I don't get to chat with very often... keep on reading for a very belated update :)

My parents came out to visit for Thanksgiving and stayed for a whole week!  We had such a fabulous time that the week seemed more like a few days.  We're heading to Ohio at the end of December to see them again.  I can't tell you how great it is to live close to home again!  I really missed my family.

Christmas is fast approaching and we're ready...ish!  We dragged our feet on picking up a tree this year and now the options available are less than ideal so I think we're going to hit up some after Christmas sales and find our "perfect tree" for next year.  The kids have one set up in the playroom and that will do just fine.  They did a great job on it :)  The …