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Happy Thoughts

Before the whole birdie fiasco we had a pretty great day downtown :) Josh had off work, but Noah still had school so he wasn't with us. We didn't do too much... just enjoyed the day like the Spaniards. We drank coffee, ate slowly, had some wine, talked and laughed, and did a little walking. It was great! Josh and I have been crazy in-love lately. Everyone in any kind of relationship knows the intensity of love tends to go in waves. We're at a nice crest right now and we're enjoying the ride, taking it as far as possible. So far so GREAT! ;)

Adriana was on a mission to get more facebook pictures and I was happy to oblige ;) Tom showed up later on and had a coffee with us and was kind enough to take a few pictures. Josh and Adriana took some too. Obviously I didn't take any of the ones I am actually in haha. We did a lot of goofing around during the picture taking process. Fun times were had by all! It was a wonderful day spent with some great friends.


It was really windy the past couple of days so we were unfortunately surprised by a few baby birds that had fallen out of the nest, rolled down our roof, and landed on our patio. I was in the process of burying the 2nd baby bird when the 3rd fell right next to me. It died instantly :( After all this heartbreak I opened up the canopies over the patio, hoping to save more from a fatal fall. It worked!

I was outside enjoying the fresh air while the boys were napping and I heard a thunk on the canopy. I looked up and saw a nestling silouhette, still moving. I gently cohersed him out of the canopy and into a hat and then placed it into a tree so the parents could find him. Two hours later and I hadn't seen any parental action. I told Josh about what happened while I was watching from brennan's window and thunk... another hatchling, still alive. I rushed down to get it out of the canopy and placed it with the other. So now we have 2 newborn baby birds in our tree.

This whole…

Mother's Day 2010

I think this Mother's Day was the best one I've had yet. I slept in until ten and awoke to some delicious quiche a la Josh, a clean house, and happy little boys with warm "Mommy Day" wishes. I got some gardening done, but the weather was not fully cooperating. It's still raining today so my flowers will just have to wait. As soon as it lets up I am going to plant my flower boxes! Maybe tomorrow... anyway...

Later on my friend and her 4 girls came over so the Mom's could escape for coffee while Josh and Adriana watched the kids. They successfully wrangled, fed, and even did crafts with 7 kids for nearly 4 hours. We Mom's had a great time. Just what every mother wants... a break from the kids for Mother's Day (hahaha). We were still able to get the kids to bed at the usual time. Noah was sad to see everyone go. Tristan sang "Happy Birthday" to me before he went to sleep, not being able to see a difference :) I was most definitely fi…

Perfect Picnic

Josh was awarded some extra days off in celebration of his promotion. We took advantage of the time and went on a little picnic with the boys (including Bosley). Adriana and I had recently found a path one day while on our usual walk. We heard sheep bleating, and saw little hoof prints in the dirt so we followed them down a dirt road in our neighborhood. An entire flock of sheep to include new lambs was grazing up on some hills. The path kept going and the older boys weren't with us to see the sheep. So we knew we'd be back to explore some more! This time on our way the sheep were grazing right along the road near an elementary school. Right here in the suburbs! Tristan and Noah were very excited and Brennan seemed pretty interested as well. We looked at the sheep for a little while and continued to walk. We heard from our neighbors that at the end of the path there was a castle. That was our goal.

This was Brennan's first time in the Kelty carrier and judging m…

Brennan's First Birthday!

Brennan chose to sleep in on his birthday until 10, which was our gift from him I suppose. We all went in to get him together and he was sooooo excited!! I made us all french toast for breakfast and then the boys got to give him the presents they had picked out. Tristan got him 2 Tonka trucks and Noah got him some stacking blocks. He loves them!

We all played upstairs for awhile and then Brennan decided he wanted an early nap and Tris went down not too long after. Whatever the birthday boy wants, he gets :) After nap time we did lunch and then the birthday cake! Adriana made it all from scratch and was working hard until 2am to get it just right. It was delicious!! Thanks, Adriana!! You know he loved it :) We sang happy birthday and all helped him blow out his very first candle. He got the biggest piece of course. At first he didn't know what to do with it. He was yelling at it a whole lot... and then he tasted it a few times and just dove in. Once the sugar got in…

Brennan Gabriel

Before I blog about Brennan's big day I have to do a little walk down memory lane :) It's tradition! I can't believe how fast this past year went. Brennan was kind enough to grow slowly. He's still a tiny guy, but he's changing every day. On Friday he took his first few steps on his own. He's really quick and gets into everything... a true boy to the core. He's always smiling and laughing and jabbering. He brings joy and positive energy to all of us. His attitude and personality are so unique and I am enjoying every minute of our time together, watching him grow. We love you, Brennanito!