Happy Thoughts

Before the whole birdie fiasco we had a pretty great day downtown :) Josh had off work, but Noah still had school so he wasn't with us. We didn't do too much... just enjoyed the day like the Spaniards. We drank coffee, ate slowly, had some wine, talked and laughed, and did a little walking. It was great! Josh and I have been crazy in-love lately. Everyone in any kind of relationship knows the intensity of love tends to go in waves. We're at a nice crest right now and we're enjoying the ride, taking it as far as possible. So far so GREAT! ;)

Adriana was on a mission to get more facebook pictures and I was happy to oblige ;) Tom showed up later on and had a coffee with us and was kind enough to take a few pictures. Josh and Adriana took some too. Obviously I didn't take any of the ones I am actually in haha. We did a lot of goofing around during the picture taking process. Fun times were had by all! It was a wonderful day spent with some great friends.

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