Perfect Picnic

Josh was awarded some extra days off in celebration of his promotion. We took advantage of the time and went on a little picnic with the boys (including Bosley). Adriana and I had recently found a path one day while on our usual walk. We heard sheep bleating, and saw little hoof prints in the dirt so we followed them down a dirt road in our neighborhood. An entire flock of sheep to include new lambs was grazing up on some hills. The path kept going and the older boys weren't with us to see the sheep. So we knew we'd be back to explore some more! This time on our way the sheep were grazing right along the road near an elementary school. Right here in the suburbs! Tristan and Noah were very excited and Brennan seemed pretty interested as well. We looked at the sheep for a little while and continued to walk. We heard from our neighbors that at the end of the path there was a castle. That was our goal.

This was Brennan's first time in the Kelty carrier and judging my his constant singing I think he likes it! We walked for a good 2 miles before we found the perfect picnic spot. We could see the mountains and a castle off in the distance. There were purple, yellow, red, and white wildflowers peppering the landscape. It was perfect weather. We sat under a big tree and ate our lunch, picked some flowers, and made a fun discovery! Noah picked me a purple wildflower and happened to choose one with a crab spider perched on it. This had to be one of the most beautiful spiders I've ever seen... all pink and white. There are over 2,000 species of crab spiders and they live all over the world. No idea what species this one is, but I bet my cousin Sandy would be able to tell us... what is it, Sandy? ;)

After lunch, and after looking at how much further away the castle was, we decided to head home. It was past nap time so Tristan and Brennan were starting to get fussy. I'm glad we left when we did because it was a long trudge home after all that walking we had already done. We're going to try and drive out to the castle maybe this weekend to take a closer look. Although we didn't reach our goal we still had a great time! And to think all this beauty was within walking distance :D
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