Mother's Day 2010

I think this Mother's Day was the best one I've had yet. I slept in until ten and awoke to some delicious quiche a la Josh, a clean house, and happy little boys with warm "Mommy Day" wishes. I got some gardening done, but the weather was not fully cooperating. It's still raining today so my flowers will just have to wait. As soon as it lets up I am going to plant my flower boxes! Maybe tomorrow... anyway...

Later on my friend and her 4 girls came over so the Mom's could escape for coffee while Josh and Adriana watched the kids. They successfully wrangled, fed, and even did crafts with 7 kids for nearly 4 hours. We Mom's had a great time. Just what every mother wants... a break from the kids for Mother's Day (hahaha). We were still able to get the kids to bed at the usual time. Noah was sad to see everyone go. Tristan sang "Happy Birthday" to me before he went to sleep, not being able to see a difference :) I was most definitely fine with that.

Once the boys were all down Josh and I headed downtown for a few hours. We had a great time! It's been awhile since we went out and actually had a good conversation. That's just how marriage goes sometimes... what's left to say, really? hahaha. I'm tired today. The weather doesn't help at all. All of us out here are starting to literally get angry about the weather. It's having an effect on our moods. It's not supposed to be under 60 in May, let alone 32 in the morning... I should NOT have frost on my car in MAY!!! Dear Spain, get a grip!

Noah had a concert at school on Friday and he was outstanding :D Cutest little dance EVER! He was so happy we were there. He kept waving at us and making sure we saw him and liked his dancing and singing. I will always be at this stuff! I can see how important it is to him and he's totally worth it :)


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