Promotion and Reenlistment Ceremony

I know I've mentioned that we love the unit out here, but I feel the need to mention it yet again. They really are some great people! Josh reenlisted back in December and his previous unit in Georgia felt it unnecessary to give him a ceremony. Well once they found out about that here they went to work making sure he would have it done up proper. He got a certificate of reenlistment (backdated to December, of course), got to recite his oath of service from one of his mentors out here.

I even got a certificate of appreciation (which apparently is part of the usual custom now for spouses when someone reenlists). I got to pin his rank on, which was definitely more fun back in the day when it wasn't velcro and you could pound it into their shoulders. I still smacked him pretty good though ;) Everyone there knew I was prior Army, but they still laughed in shock when I did it... instead of giving him a kiss. HA! Can't give a good kiss in uniform anyway.

After that we went to the bar on base for some free tapas, wine, and beer... gotta love Europe! This was a huge step for Josh and we're very proud of him. He had to work his butt off to earn enough points to get promoted since his MOS is overmanned right now. Way to go, babe!!
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