Brennan's First Birthday!

Brennan chose to sleep in on his birthday until 10, which was our gift from him I suppose. We all went in to get him together and he was sooooo excited!! I made us all french toast for breakfast and then the boys got to give him the presents they had picked out. Tristan got him 2 Tonka trucks and Noah got him some stacking blocks. He loves them!

We all played upstairs for awhile and then Brennan decided he wanted an early nap and Tris went down not too long after. Whatever the birthday boy wants, he gets :) After nap time we did lunch and then the birthday cake! Adriana made it all from scratch and was working hard until 2am to get it just right. It was delicious!! Thanks, Adriana!! You know he loved it :) We sang happy birthday and all helped him blow out his very first candle. He got the biggest piece of course. At first he didn't know what to do with it. He was yelling at it a whole lot... and then he tasted it a few times and just dove in. Once the sugar got into his system he was going crazy lol. It was great :) If you haven't seen the video yet, I highly recommend it. Brennan destroyed that cake.

It was gorgeous outside so we walked to the playground so the big boys could have some fun too. Brennan loves going on walks! I didn't take any pictures there because the sun was hot so we didn't stay too long. We came back home to our marvelously shaded yard and spent the rest of the day outside until dinner. Brennan was already in the mood for a 2nd nap (he's been fighting a cold). Tristan and Noah did a lot of wrestling. Tristan started it! He loves to provoke Noah into chasing him. Noah rarely gets angry because he loves this game too. Noah wanted me to take his picture so he styled his hair and was doing all his superhero poses for me (and of course the classic boy "butt" pose) lol. Tristan just had to come over and copy every single thing Noah did. Brennan woke up to join in on all the fun. He mostly just crawled around and tried to eat dirt, bugs, grass, and everything else. He finally settled on this dragon. Too cute! My boys are such a joy :) We worked up quite an appetite in time for dinner with all that running around! After our feast of roast pork, rice with spinach, and Greek salad we were ready for some ice cream!!

There's a homemade ice cream shop in downtown Boadilla that we love. At first people were looking at us all crazy for handing a tiny baby a big ice cream cone, but as soon as I told them it was his first birthday they went "OOOoooo" and laughed and smiled, looking on with adoration at the cutest baby ever. He was a big hit out there. The boys were all kinds of sugared up, running around playing spiderman. There was a guy there with an accordion and he was playing the Chicken Dance so we HAD to dance!! FYI - Europeans don't know about the chicken dance. Everyone was quite entertained with our crazy family. We had a great time! By time we got home it was 10pm. Noah came down from his sugar high and crashed in the car on the 7 minute drive home lol.

The boys got their bath, said their goodnights and one more "Happy Birthday" to Brennan and they all passed out almost immediately. I imagine with plenty of happy memories. We hope you had a great first birthday, Brennan! :) We love you so much!

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