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Little Moments

Just a few brotherly moments I wanted to share.

last night

this morning

took these in Ohio with Vita's cam

Boys, Boys, Boys

In a house full of boys there is most assuredly always something being built, destroyed, fought over, or dirtied. It is chaos... ok it's not that bad. They are actually relatively calm I think. Then again I don't know any better, do I haha. Noah built a cookie-making oven assembly line with the blocks. I thought it was pretty clever!

Today while Josh was prepping our pizza crusts I took all the boys outside for some fresh air. Tristan and Noah were rolling down the hill, climbing trees, knocking down dead leaves, purposely falling off of the giraffe ride-on, wrestling, and generally having a great time. Brennan was flailing wildly in my lap and I can only assume he was imagining the day he too would join in on the fun. We did a lot of laughing!! It's a shame Daddy was stuck in the kitchen ;) hehe. Though I think I get a lot more fun out of watching them play than he does anyway and he LOVES to cook! Josh makes dinner almost every night, actually.

I let Brennan pla…

Autumn is Arriving!!

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I say this every year on my blog, I know... but it is!! :D I rushed around to get all our winter clothes out and put away the shorts and tanks to get us all ready for the cold months ahead. Playing outside right now is so much more pleasurable without the sun beating down on our backs. This weather puts me in a good mood! I think it puts everyone else in a good mood too because despite their stuffy noses the boys were awfully giddy today. Maybe it was my mood rubbing off on them. I took a few videos today. Another Noah interview (he learned the Macarena in Spanish class) and a couple of Tristan being all cute and crazy. I am going to upload them right now! They should be done by morning.

I actually worked out for over an hour today with the wii fit during nap time. The board politely informed me that I've lost another 2 pounds. Yay! I would be ok with not losing any more, but another 5 wouldn't hurt ;) I am working on toning my…

Back from Ohio

Our visit to Ohio went very smoothly. We've been blessed with children that travel very well... or maybe they travel so well because they've been doing it their entire lives. Whatever the reason, they're angels :) Tristan was amazing. He's the most mellow, obedient two year old I've ever known. Sure he whines and is clingy, but that makes for an easy 8hr flight. He was perfectly content to just sit there with me and his blanket. I brought gads of toys and never got one out on the flight there or the flight back. He watched movies without sound and just sat there. Brennan simply wanted to eat and maybe jabber a bit at a human for entertainment. He wasn't too picky about which human to babble at and most of the neighboring passengers were pleased with the attention. I hardly took any pics with my camera. The nice thing about my family is that everyone takes pictures so I don't have to!

My Aunt Vita was doing really well when I got out there and has…
Up for the 3am feeding and thought I'd blog real quick until I know Bren's asleep again.

Brennan and I were enjoying some tummy time in his room during Tristan's nap. Right after Bren flipped over for the 3rd time, Tristan came strolling in. They played on the floor together for a little bit until I had to feed Brennan again.

While I was feeding Brennan on the chair Tristan was climbing into the crib. I guess he was having flashbacks because he was very content being in there. Honestly, at his age he really should still be in a crib the poor guy. He's not even two yet! He was forced to grow up in certain ways a little too soon because Brennan was on the way. He doesn't seem to mind though :)

So here are my two baby boys, sucking their fingers and holding blankies. I can just see how it's going to be in a year once Brennan is truly mobile and Tristan is talking. It should be a blast!

I am going to get a couple more hours of sleep. Lots to do tomorrow. See…

Wrapping it Up and Winding it Down

Today was busy busy busy! We had to run a few errands with Tristan and Brennan in tow right after we dropped Noah off at school to prep for our trips. Josh is on his way to Barcelona right now to pick up his car at the port. Right after I dropped him off at the airport (aka the MAZE), rush hour traffic was beginning to trickle onto the Madrid highways... and driving in Madrid is AWFUL!!! Now add that I basically haven't driven since we got here because I have no vehicle while Josh is at work. Plus the Garmin doesn't speak fast enough. The road systems out here aren't labeled. The drivers are like a constant PMS or steroid-pumped nightmare. Josh says it's like someone took LA, Chicago, and the worst parts of San Antonio and smashed it all together. Since I've only been to SA out of those cities I can only assume he's correct. The point is... I took a few wrong turns. Not many and not enough to put us way out of the way, but enough to make me yell at p…

So Begins the School Years

Noah has officially started school! From this year forward he will basically have a job. He will meet new people, learn new things, and discover more about the world around him.

I didn't cry at all. I almost did because I thought he was nervous. He was sitting off to the side away from his classmates, claiming there wasn't enough room to sit with them (he was right, really). Looking back I think he was planning out his entire entrance... where to sit, what to do with his bag. That's his personality.

Once it was time to go in, he walked into the classroom (practically body-checking people out of the way) and immediately hung up his backpack... never looking back for us. He's juuuust fine. I had him dressed all cute, but it was impractical to wear long sleeves so he took the shirt off before class. I got enough pics of him in it though :)

I am going to take a little after school video interview I think. I bet he'll have tons to say. The only thing I am tr…

Ready to Go!

Noah is so excited about school tomorrow. I hope his first day goes well. He picked out his outfit, packed his lunch with Daddy, did his homework with Mommy. He is ready. I think I am too. We're leaving by 8am (let's hope). This will be a bit of a strain since normally no one is even up until 8. It's going to be even MORE fun after I get back from Ohio and have to walk Noah to the bus stop every morning with Brennan and Tristan... getting him there by 7:47 (weird time, I know)... did I mention we don't have sidewalks in our neighborhood? I suppose "rich folk" don't need to do any of that fancy walking nonsense. We have large dirt shoulders, which I am pretty sure the stroller will fit onto, but that's it. Seems to be the trend around here to walk on the road :/ It's not like this in any other neighborhood! Oh well.

::update:: here's his first homework. He was supposed to draw what he wants to learn this year. How to read & how…

work in progress

changing my blog... it's taking much more time than previously anticipated, but will hopefully be done today! (yes i know some stuff is in Spanish... that's what happens when you hijack a template... last one was in Portuguese when I started!)

I think I'm done!! This is where I found my template.


I uploaded videos of Noah's first ride without training wheels and Tristan's growing vocabulary. They're on the sidebar!

Leaps and Bounds

This was a busy week for my boys. As if starting Kindergarten wasn't enough. Noah has not only started to ride his bike without training wheels, but took them off himself with Daddy's tools. It was the craziest thing... he just took them off, got on the bike, and rode beautifully. Now he won't stop riding. He's either doing that or putting together his 100pc puzzles. He wants to put every puzzle he owns together to make a big puzzle rectangle on the floor, he says. I'll be sure to take pictures. He also suddenly wants to eat EVERYTHING and is always telling me he's hungry again. Must be growing!

Tristan is finally using some words! He loves making all his animal sounds, but I try to encourage actual words haha. He's very curious and absorbs everything you say to him so look out!! He's so cute and so bad. He's a toddler now so he doesn't want to listen or take naps. It doesn't really bother me too much, surprisingly. After Noah.…