Leaps and Bounds

This was a busy week for my boys. As if starting Kindergarten wasn't enough. Noah has not only started to ride his bike without training wheels, but took them off himself with Daddy's tools. It was the craziest thing... he just took them off, got on the bike, and rode beautifully. Now he won't stop riding. He's either doing that or putting together his 100pc puzzles. He wants to put every puzzle he owns together to make a big puzzle rectangle on the floor, he says. I'll be sure to take pictures. He also suddenly wants to eat EVERYTHING and is always telling me he's hungry again. Must be growing!

Tristan is finally using some words! He loves making all his animal sounds, but I try to encourage actual words haha. He's very curious and absorbs everything you say to him so look out!! He's so cute and so bad. He's a toddler now so he doesn't want to listen or take naps. It doesn't really bother me too much, surprisingly. After Noah... who has obsessive compulsive issues... Tristan's little fits are like a walk in the park. They actually end! We had one long dinner where I had to block the door and tell him over and over again for about 15 minutes that he had to eat a carrot before he could go take a bath. He finally ate the carrot... we threw him a little happy party... and then it stuck with him. He eats at night, whatever we give him, no complaints. I might have to remind him once, but that's all it takes. It's wonderful! Noah finally started eating just recently after 3 whole years of 15 minutes every night, lots of crying, and some frustrated yelling.

Brennan loves to show Noah and Tristan how he can flip from front to back. They always cheer for him and clap when he does it and he gives them his ginormous open-mouth, whole body baby smile. I think back to front will be coming in due time. No hurry! I started him on cereal just yesterday and he loves it. He makes all those funny faces like he doesn't, but his excitement when he sees the bowl and spoon tell me he's found a new favorite. This is kind of a relief for me because I feel like I'm just not making enough for him to eat. He's always mad at me when it's gone and I've been eating and drinking like crazy... but as soon as I skip one glass of water or one snack it's like I drop a whole 2ozs of production or something. I have no idea how much I actually am making because I have no time to pump... well I guess I could, but then I would have to have something sucking the life out of me on my off time too, which is not too appealing at the moment. I get a break when he's asleep, which is often. I know he's fine because he's gaining weight, dirtying diapers, and still sleeping through the night. If he were starving I'm sure he would not be so content. I'm keeping my chin up and using the old "supply and demand" method. We'll be just fine. I remember this with Tristan. Some babies are just hungry hungry hippos. Maybe it's a boy thing.

In other news I am taking Tris and Brennan with me to Ohio next week. My Aunt Vita has been suffering with cancer for about a year now and her suffering is almost over. I am trying to make it there so I can see her first, regardless of how she looks or any of that... I really would like to say goodbye to her. I'm not feeling up to giving everyone a glimpse of who she is or what she's like. I am in denial about what is happening right now and a tribute would ruin that for me. I just talked to her on the phone a few months ago and she sounded just like she always did, happy and laughing. Cancer works quickly. I don't mind being in denial. I need to function. I am going to Noah's school orientation today... he starts kindergarten on Monday. Tuesday Josh is going to pick up his car. Wednesday we're flying home. Tristan will turn 2 in Ohio... maybe we'll have a little family shindig. When I get back Josh is leaving for his month-long TDY. I am not looking forward to this at alllllll. At least Noah will be in school. So... that's my life.

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