Wrapping it Up and Winding it Down

Today was busy busy busy! We had to run a few errands with Tristan and Brennan in tow right after we dropped Noah off at school to prep for our trips. Josh is on his way to Barcelona right now to pick up his car at the port. Right after I dropped him off at the airport (aka the MAZE), rush hour traffic was beginning to trickle onto the Madrid highways... and driving in Madrid is AWFUL!!! Now add that I basically haven't driven since we got here because I have no vehicle while Josh is at work. Plus the Garmin doesn't speak fast enough. The road systems out here aren't labeled. The drivers are like a constant PMS or steroid-pumped nightmare. Josh says it's like someone took LA, Chicago, and the worst parts of San Antonio and smashed it all together. Since I've only been to SA out of those cities I can only assume he's correct. The point is... I took a few wrong turns. Not many and not enough to put us way out of the way, but enough to make me yell at people for not treating my obvious confusion with compassion (by letting me over). I mean... it's OBVIOUS we're not Spanish residents. We drive a blue Honda yacht around and we have a big yellow diplomatic license plate that doesn't even fit on our American spec vehicle. Gimme a break!! I have my turn signal on!! I see you don't use yours but COME ON!!!! sigh. That's it in a nutshell. We finally got home at around 6:40. I got the kids out of the car, partially fed Brennan, bathed the big brothers, bathed Brennan, and then read to everyone while I finished feeding Brennan. So even though we started bedtime at 7 (30 minutes earlier than usual) we somehow managed to actually be in bed 30 minutes later than usual. I am tired. There are dishes to be done, but I don't give one iota.

Tomorrow we get to wake up bright and early, eat breakfast, and take the short walk to the bus stop at 7:40 (and again at 4:40 for pick-up... full day Kinder out here). I'm relieved I don't have to drive out there again. I am going to limit my driving to quiet times and back roads. I hate driving, but I hate being trapped at home even more. I am really excited about being able to have so much more one-on-one time with Tristan and Brennan. I haven't worked with Tris nearly as much as I did with Noah. Noah sucks up all my time and energy usually. He's just soooooo... I don't even know the words to describe him. He just never stops... anything... talking, moving, making weird noises, asking for things, touching people, teasing... all at once from the time he wakes up until he falls asleep. Already today Tristan was a lot less whiney and wanted to walk more instead of ride in the cart or be carried. I think Noah drains him too. He did miss him though because he gave him tons of big hugs once we got home. Noah was different too. I think a majority of his bad behavior was due to frustration from being stuck in the house with babies that he always has to play down to and help. He was much more mellow when he got home from school. I thought something was wrong, but he was just... calm. Happy and calm. I didn't have to correct him or repeat myself even once :O That's a HUGE accomplishment. Oh and he did have time to finish all his lunch... everything but the cookie, which he ate when he got home as a reward for saving it for last like he was told. He's such a good boy :) The rest of his school adventure I will let him talk about because he had me laughing. Things to know before you watch: He told Daddy about the orange face himself as soon as he got in the van. The orange face is this :| instead of this :) but not quite this :( ... got it? Good ;)

I did manage to get the interview and I think it's pretty funny. Tristan was being a butt-head in the background... as per usual. It's uploading now. Look for it on the sidebar. Now if you'll excuse me I am going to watch "Forrest Gump" in my lonely bed all alone and lonely and be a lonely loner all alone... by myself. Maybe I should make the most of it and watch something ridiculously girly like "Ever After" or "Miss Congeniality" or "Family Stone"... no Family Stone would make me cry too much... especially with our recent family events. I would like to get some sleep tonight, but it seems like as soon as my head hits the pillow a button gets pressed and I have to start thinking about everything stressful, sad, difficult, and generally frustrating going on in my life. Maybe I should try the other side. Maybe the other side is where the puppies and kittens button is located.
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