Up for the 3am feeding and thought I'd blog real quick until I know Bren's asleep again.

Brennan and I were enjoying some tummy time in his room during Tristan's nap. Right after Bren flipped over for the 3rd time, Tristan came strolling in. They played on the floor together for a little bit until I had to feed Brennan again.

While I was feeding Brennan on the chair Tristan was climbing into the crib. I guess he was having flashbacks because he was very content being in there. Honestly, at his age he really should still be in a crib the poor guy. He's not even two yet! He was forced to grow up in certain ways a little too soon because Brennan was on the way. He doesn't seem to mind though :)

So here are my two baby boys, sucking their fingers and holding blankies. I can just see how it's going to be in a year once Brennan is truly mobile and Tristan is talking. It should be a blast!

I am going to get a couple more hours of sleep. Lots to do tomorrow. See you soon, family!

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