So Begins the School Years

Noah has officially started school! From this year forward he will basically have a job. He will meet new people, learn new things, and discover more about the world around him.

I didn't cry at all. I almost did because I thought he was nervous. He was sitting off to the side away from his classmates, claiming there wasn't enough room to sit with them (he was right, really). Looking back I think he was planning out his entire entrance... where to sit, what to do with his bag. That's his personality.

Once it was time to go in, he walked into the classroom (practically body-checking people out of the way) and immediately hung up his backpack... never looking back for us. He's juuuust fine. I had him dressed all cute, but it was impractical to wear long sleeves so he took the shirt off before class. I got enough pics of him in it though :)

I am going to take a little after school video interview I think. I bet he'll have tons to say. The only thing I am truly worried about is that he won't have enough time to eat his lunch. He gets 25 minutes, but Noah is such a slow eater. He'll learn!

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