Boys, Boys, Boys

In a house full of boys there is most assuredly always something being built, destroyed, fought over, or dirtied. It is chaos... ok it's not that bad. They are actually relatively calm I think. Then again I don't know any better, do I haha. Noah built a cookie-making oven assembly line with the blocks. I thought it was pretty clever!

Today while Josh was prepping our pizza crusts I took all the boys outside for some fresh air. Tristan and Noah were rolling down the hill, climbing trees, knocking down dead leaves, purposely falling off of the giraffe ride-on, wrestling, and generally having a great time. Brennan was flailing wildly in my lap and I can only assume he was imagining the day he too would join in on the fun. We did a lot of laughing!! It's a shame Daddy was stuck in the kitchen ;) hehe. Though I think I get a lot more fun out of watching them play than he does anyway and he LOVES to cook! Josh makes dinner almost every night, actually.

I let Brennan play with the grass a while. He was so excited! He's getting a little too good with his hands now though so I had to pick a few blades out of his hands and mouth. We're at the point where eating with Brennan on your lap proves to be quite dangerous and messy haha. He's been practicing sitting up on his own. He usually gets distracted by his feet and desperately tries to fold himself in half in order to shove them into his mouth, which results in what I like to call the "Buddha roll". I am giving him cereal again, but he mostly gags and laughs the whole time. He seems full enough on what I provide him, which is nice. He's almost 5 months old! Noah and Tristan were already eating fruits by this time I think. Brennan just doesn't seem ready to me... nor interested. I figure once he can sit up in a high chair, he can have food. No hurry.

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