Autumn is Arriving!!

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I say this every year on my blog, I know... but it is!! :D I rushed around to get all our winter clothes out and put away the shorts and tanks to get us all ready for the cold months ahead. Playing outside right now is so much more pleasurable without the sun beating down on our backs. This weather puts me in a good mood! I think it puts everyone else in a good mood too because despite their stuffy noses the boys were awfully giddy today. Maybe it was my mood rubbing off on them. I took a few videos today. Another Noah interview (he learned the Macarena in Spanish class) and a couple of Tristan being all cute and crazy. I am going to upload them right now! They should be done by morning.

I actually worked out for over an hour today with the wii fit during nap time. The board politely informed me that I've lost another 2 pounds. Yay! I would be ok with not losing any more, but another 5 wouldn't hurt ;) I am working on toning my abs and legs back to their original size haha. I feel wonderful because I got a lot accomplished today (including the first trip to the grocery store on my own with the bebes). Yay me!! Now I am tired though. I am excited for another great day tomorrow!

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