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School Clothes...

Noah and I had a little date this weekend to go buy him all his school stuff. He picked out most of his own clothes... all greens, grays, and blues this year... which happen to look great on him. He insisted on Ben 10 Alien Force accessories: backpack, pencil case, notebook. He will be starting school in style. I was thrilled to get out of the house for awhile on my own... but with company :) When we got home Noah rushed to the bathroom to try on every outfit to show Daddy. It was a bittersweet day for me. I am excited he'll be starting school, but I am not eager for him to grow up. Regardless... he is growing up and he wants to be around kids his own age soooooo badly. I'm going to his school orientation on Wednesday. I get to meet his teacher and the superintendent and all that fun stuff. I'm so nervous for him. I hope he makes friends. I hope the teacher likes him. I hope he enjoys school and learns something. They have art, music, gym, and Spanish there …

Noah's 5th Birthday!

I can't believe my Noah Boah is FIVE YEARS OLD! :O We took a tour of his new school on Friday. Orientation is going to be on September 4th. His first day is September 7th! He's so excited. He asks me every day (about 50 times) "Mommy is school starting now?". Kindergarten... sigh... he's so big. But anyway... back to it. We enjoyed a breakfast of some of Noah's most favorite treats: chocolate milk, strawberry muffins, coco-krispies cereal bars, and I think they snuck an M&M cookie in there too. Then we headed out to the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium. It was only a 10 minute drive away. They have it set up a lot like San Antonio did, the zoo is part of a huge park (called Casa de Campo) with playgrounds and other attractions all around.

I am always nervous about going to a new zoo because I feel bad for caged animals. I appreciate that I can show my children what a tiger looks like in person, but watching him pant wildly while pacing back in forth in …

Birthday Weekend

Another birthday has come and gone for Joshua. He still wishes he was older than he is, which I tell him he'll regret someday soon. I guess he feels more mature than his age... HA! ;) j/k babe.

Noah and I made him a big birthday sign. I'd say Tristan too, but really he just scribbled on one of the letters for half a second and lost interest. We didn't do much, which is exactly what Josh wanted to do. We had a big homemade breakfast, relaxed, swam, relaxed some more, and then baked once the kids were down.

Sunday was another lazy day. We played outside for awhile, chased each other around in a game of family dodgeball, built a clubhouse out of boxes. We all enjoyed some tummy time with Brennan. Good, relaxing family weekend.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to scold my (almost) 5yr old for teasing Tristan and making him wail... again. I cannot stand Tristan's constant whining and Noah insists on making it even more frequent. I want a soundproof room.

... almost back to normal

All that's really missing in my life now is my MAC. I can't edit any pictures or even completely download any without it... I miss it. If the movers hadn't completely destroyed our desks it would probably be up and running already... but they did so it's not.

Brennan is 3 months old :O He's past the infancy stage already and entering into baby-hood. He's started sucking his fingers a lot lately and his new favorite person is the adorable baby in the mirror.

In case you haven't noticed the pictures on the sidebar, we went hiking in the mountains over the weekend. It was amazing. We plan on going there many many more times over the next 3 years. Noah hiked the whole way on his own, as always. Tristan whined and cried and wanted to be in the carrier as always. They are so drastically different. Brennan was perfectly happy hanging out on my back, but only if he was facing out into the open air so he could see everything. He didn't fall asleep unti…