School Clothes...

Noah and I had a little date this weekend to go buy him all his school stuff. He picked out most of his own clothes... all greens, grays, and blues this year... which happen to look great on him. He insisted on Ben 10 Alien Force accessories: backpack, pencil case, notebook. He will be starting school in style. I was thrilled to get out of the house for awhile on my own... but with company :) When we got home Noah rushed to the bathroom to try on every outfit to show Daddy. It was a bittersweet day for me. I am excited he'll be starting school, but I am not eager for him to grow up. Regardless... he is growing up and he wants to be around kids his own age soooooo badly. I'm going to his school orientation on Wednesday. I get to meet his teacher and the superintendent and all that fun stuff. I'm so nervous for him. I hope he makes friends. I hope the teacher likes him. I hope he enjoys school and learns something. They have art, music, gym, and Spanish there every day so that should be fun for him! Please don't let school ruin my little boy!!! :/

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