... almost back to normal

All that's really missing in my life now is my MAC. I can't edit any pictures or even completely download any without it... I miss it. If the movers hadn't completely destroyed our desks it would probably be up and running already... but they did so it's not.

Brennan is 3 months old :O He's past the infancy stage already and entering into baby-hood. He's started sucking his fingers a lot lately and his new favorite person is the adorable baby in the mirror.

In case you haven't noticed the pictures on the sidebar, we went hiking in the mountains over the weekend. It was amazing. We plan on going there many many more times over the next 3 years. Noah hiked the whole way on his own, as always. Tristan whined and cried and wanted to be in the carrier as always. They are so drastically different. Brennan was perfectly happy hanging out on my back, but only if he was facing out into the open air so he could see everything. He didn't fall asleep until we were on the way back after a 2 hour hike.

I've been feeling kinda weird lately... not pregnant or sick weird, just weird. I feel boring and frustrated. Not bored, but boring. I feel like I have become this "housewife" with nothing to talk about, nothing intelligent to say. It makes me a little scared and self-conscious. I'm remedying these feelings with books, articles, planning trips. I don't want to bore my husband (and myself) into depression or worse. I don't want my life to be so routine and blase. I think it's compounded by the fact that we're in Europe and haven't gotten to do anything yet. Going to a few playgrounds, the mall, and the grocery store are not my idea of "experiencing Europe". It's ok, we will eventually get to a point with the kids and the finances where travel is possible.

I look out from my balcony and see this gorgeous landscape on the horizon and then I turn around to face a room in my house, begging to be cleaned, not completely unpacked. BOOOO!!!... soon, though. The trip to the mountains definitely helped make me feel better. I think I need a trip every weekend.

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