Birthday Weekend

Another birthday has come and gone for Joshua. He still wishes he was older than he is, which I tell him he'll regret someday soon. I guess he feels more mature than his age... HA! ;) j/k babe.

Noah and I made him a big birthday sign. I'd say Tristan too, but really he just scribbled on one of the letters for half a second and lost interest. We didn't do much, which is exactly what Josh wanted to do. We had a big homemade breakfast, relaxed, swam, relaxed some more, and then baked once the kids were down.

Sunday was another lazy day. We played outside for awhile, chased each other around in a game of family dodgeball, built a clubhouse out of boxes. We all enjoyed some tummy time with Brennan. Good, relaxing family weekend.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to scold my (almost) 5yr old for teasing Tristan and making him wail... again. I cannot stand Tristan's constant whining and Noah insists on making it even more frequent. I want a soundproof room.


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