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A few Noteworthy Thingamabobs

First off I'd like to say that after I posted my Monopoly blog, I won every game HA!  Until today.  We were playing mostly every day since then though.  Noah's getting better, but hasn't won yet and is still not discouraged, which is good.

Things going on with Noah:  OK so the kid had something similar to an Iowa test (CogAT in Maryland) and he scored in the upper 97th percentile nationwide for nonverbal reasoning skills, the other 2 categories he got a 50% and 65% LOL!  This means when it comes to manipulation of physical objects, our son is the king.  We knew that already, but it's nice that he tested well and was recognized by others so he can possibly get into better science or math next year... or maybe have different teaching techniques brought to the classroom for him.  In a classroom of 25 3rd graders with one teacher and no aide, I don't expect much.  That poor woman.  However, our school currently holds  awards for their Gifted and Talented programs so we…

Why I Never Win at Monopoly

Noah's finally old enough to play Monopoly and asked Josh to teach him.  Calendar-marking moment for the hubs since it's his favoritest game in the whole wide world.  I will play, but it just doesn't give me warm fuzzies.  My happy place can be found in any word game.  I don't really enjoy games with a modicum of chance because it frustrates me to not have control over whether I win or lose and I am an incredibly competitive person.  There are dice games I happen to be very lucky in:  Phase 10, Yahtzee, Backgammon.  Monopoly has never been one.

The game starts off all well and good.  I make my way around the board and buy up every property I land upon, which is the strategy most Monopolizers use.  Then a problem emerges.  I'm not landing on new property anymore.  I land on the same properties over and over and over again.

Once that has lost its appeal to the Monopoly gods, I land on every community chest and chance space.  Granted, later on this has an advantage si…

Water is for Losers, Coffee is for Winners

When the temperatures are dropping and winter starts rearing its ugly head I start hating water.  I can drink water all summer long and it tastes like a miraculous beverage created by God and his choir of chemistry geniuses.  In winter I feel like I'm drinking medicine brewed by evil goblins that are jealous of human taste buds.  Yeah, I know I'm supposed to have 10 glasses of water a day but it's just so... blech :P  Know what's awesome though?  Coffee.  Hot, delicious, diuretic, dehydration-causing coffee.  It warms me to my core, stops me from snacking all day long to put on winter weight, and it tastes of sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and miracles and fairy dust.  You can imagine why this would become a problem.  Every morning I wake up with swollen hands & feet and aching joints because I'm dehydrated and packed with sodium.  All which could be assuaged by drinking water, but... gross.  Why would you even suggest that to me.  Offensive.  Man... I wish…


Why I haven't been on Facebook (as much) Lately by Allison B.
I guess it's not facebook, it's my friends.  I just feel more connected to the real world and didn't have much to say to the cybernauts on facebook.  I can't explain myself in one quick status message or picture, so I don't really belong there.  I've been doing a lot of changing that I don't feel like sharing in a place where so often I see people making harsh judgments based on no factual evidence.  I don't like what I see on Facebook.  People seem to be so cruel to each other, but have no talent for self evaluation.  It's the new "thing" to judge a person... an entire group of people, based on assumptions.  Well, I'm not ready for labels and I just didn't want those images to bring me down.  I can see the parallels between what one person hates and what they're actually doing, and it drives me crazy.  So, I'm staying away from there.  It's too NOW NOW …