Why I haven't been on Facebook (as much) Lately
by Allison B.

I guess it's not facebook, it's my friends.  I just feel more connected to the real world and didn't have much to say to the cybernauts on facebook.  I can't explain myself in one quick status message or picture, so I don't really belong there.  I've been doing a lot of changing that I don't feel like sharing in a place where so often I see people making harsh judgments based on no factual evidence.  I don't like what I see on Facebook.  People seem to be so cruel to each other, but have no talent for self evaluation.  It's the new "thing" to judge a person... an entire group of people, based on assumptions.  Well, I'm not ready for labels and I just didn't want those images to bring me down.  I can see the parallels between what one person hates and what they're actually doing, and it drives me crazy.  So, I'm staying away from there.  It's too NOW NOW NOW, and I am too... lemme think about it.  It's too negative and I'm trying to stay positive.  It's too political and I'm feeling self-reflective.  I still love my friends, we're just not in the same place right now :)  

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