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Here a Park, There a Park

Noah was off school since Wednesday for mid-winter break so we had a lot of free time on our hands which we promptly filled with random outdoor activities. Thank you great weather!! We had a kiddie carnival on base and a trip to the zoo with our friends.

Noah had his first baseball practice, babies had doctors appointments, we did some grocery shopping, and a whole lot of spare time left for exploring our local area (which is how the previous post came to pass).

We were feeling a bit crazy, needing to get out of the house so we did a lot of driving in our own neighborhood (and nearby neighborhoods). We found several cool parks we'll probably revisit and a shopping center in the middle of the 'burbs which I plan to visit during the week to see what goodies they're packin'. I listened to a lot of music and enjoyed the serenity of having all three children buckled into their seats, quietly watching the scenery zip by. This is probably why we barely got out of the ca…

The Ever-Elusive Castle

The other day we went on a long hike, trying to find the road that would take us to the elusive castle in the distance. No luck! We had a lot of fun trying though. The boys thought the snow-capped mountains on the horizon and the abandoned house were soooooo cool.

I love going to places where I don't have to worry about people or cars. Our boys are globs of pure unadulterated destructive energy and need space to roam free and destroy things like anthills and sticks. Otherwise they just beat each other up and break things at home.

The sun was unseasonably hot and the kids were acting like we were a band of nomads trudging through the Sahara towards the end. So... we gave up. I think next time I'm going to try and get closer with my car. At least we got our exercise!

The First "Saturday Unplugged"

Our first "Saturday Unplugged" went really well! So well that I hardly took any pictures while we were home because I was busy spending time with the boys. Imagine that! I went through slight withdrawal, not having my laptop to check email and facebook first thing in the morning with my coffee... but, it soon felt more liberating than annoying.

The weather was cold and rainy so we didn't get to play outside, but we did leave to hit the grocery store and pet store. The boys love to look at all the little caged animals... pretty sure all children do, and I am all for free entertainment!

The rest of the day we played games, just like we planned. I taught Noah how to play Go Fish, Crazy 8's, War, and Slap Jack... take a wild guess which one is his favorite. I'll give you a hint: it's the one in which you get to smack people. We also played Memory and I Spy Eagle Eye. Once our other games arrive from Amazon I'm sure we'll have even more fun.

We l…

Friday Fieldtrips

Every Friday I take Brennan and Tristan up to the base for Music and Movement class. There have been more and more kids coming and my boys actually look forward to it every week now. Tristan used to cry the entire time and sit in my lap, refusing to participate. Now he sings, dances, plays instruments, and doesn't cry! So glad he finally warmed up to it because I really enjoy going someplace with other adults around.

We usually hang out there and have lunch with my friend and her babies, but this Friday we had things to accomplish... well, she did. I used the extra time to take the kids out to Burger King for late lunch and a romp in the playground, which made them super happy and cooperative. This presented me with the rare opportunity to take a photo fieldtrip back out to Brunete (where we watched the World Cup Final).

The weather was amazing. I wish I had grabbed my entire camera bag because the drive there was spectacular. The air was really clear, sky blue as ever, fl…

Saturday's, Unplugged

These pictures don't really pertain to this post, but the feeling does.

Noah got his report card and has done better in most categories, but is still having a lot of trouble concentrating and is behind in reading comprehension (which is due to lack of concentration). We're still reading Harry Potter and that's helping. Noah's made a breakthrough with writing and he's a wonderful speller!! His hand-writing is improving. We're very proud of all the work he's done!

We decided it was time for some more drastic measures to improve his ability to focus. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you "Saturdays, Unplugged". From now on we're going to leave all TV, movies, computers, and gaming systems off on Saturdays and just play board games, outside, or with the plethora of toys upstairs. This also applies to Mommy and Daddy. After dinner we'll do our family movie night still, but anything before then will be strictly hands-on, no more passive min…

Valentine's Day Extravaganza 2011!!!!

Hahahahhaa... just kidding. I am going to do laundry today and that's about it. Noah made me a cute card in Spanish class though :) We celebrate "valentine's day" on the 19th, the anniversary of when we started dating, our "CC". It's an acronym for our first conversation, which lead to us being stuck like glue to each other from then on. Plus it has the added bonus of being much less crowded if we go out. Aren't we so super romantical?! If we ever make it back to Texas I'd love to drink a toast at the scene of the crime like on "Serendipity" ;)

I used to say that the 6 weeks we dated was short and embarrassing, we were young and crazy and blah blah blah, but since this TDY happens to be 6 weeks long I must admit I've changed my mind. If our dating days went as slowly as this TDY then we dated for about a decade. We have decided after this dragging, miserably lonely time apart that he needs to get out of the Army. But, w…

Toddler Stories : GRENADE!

I was brave and went to the grocery store with all 3 boys today. It was fun until the very end when everyone was tired, but wired. I wish I had brought my camera. Here, allow me to paint a picture for you with words instead.

I'm scouring the aisles for chocolate pudding. I see jello, vanilla pudding, tiramisu pudding, milk, butter, cream... back to the puddings... que el effe (what the F). Feeling defeated I ditched my cart at the creamy creations area and decided to settle for strawberry gelatin for Noah's lunches a mere 3 feet away from us. I grab some jello and turn back around to add it to the rest of our goods. There's a lanky dark-haired grandpa cracking up, holding my eggs, trying to talk Brennan into giving him the egg in his tiny, but surprisingly strong baby hand. There are two other eggs smashed on the floor below his feet. Everyone else is also laughing, recounting the tale to me as if it were the JFK shooting, shaking their heads in awe. There were a…

Worst Mom EVER

Sometimes I get lost in the blog world and end up hating myself as a mother. I realize most bloggers keep a lot to themselves and won't admit they yelled practically all day at their kids. If they do it's done up with so much humor and sarcasm so it seems more like a joke than the truth. But, dammit I wish they would blog about it. Are we all just these endless fountains of patience and understanding?! We're not... we don't talk about our tempers and the reality of how difficult it is to deal with kids. Maybe if we would talk about it and accept our flaws poor Moms who are freakin' stressed the hell out would feel comfortable venting and confessing and have their patience renewed. Or even ask for help so they don't shake their babies... YES WE DO ALL NEED BREAKS, sweetie. Here... give me the screaming pink thing and go have a drink. Nope we're all perfect mommies aren't we. I wish our lack of motherly nurturing perfection wasn't such a tab…

Groundhog Day

Today is Groundhog Day and I always think of the Bill Murray movie. My life feels like that sometimes. I say the same phrases day in and day out, get asked the same questions at the same times every day. The Army phrase is "same old sh*t, different day" So... we're shaking things up!

I love love love love the 3 hours I get while Tristan and Brennan are napping, but I am giving it up. All I did was play on Facebook anyway... I could have cleaned, but I never did. Tristan hasn't napped in a few days and his tantrums have decreased exponentially. He just needed some more alone time with Mommy I think, especially with Josh gone. He also stays asleep longer at night now, which seems to help his 'tude as well. This also gives me more opportunities to teach him and try and get him to finally go on the potty. I have been more productive since I don't have the option to sit on my butt and be lazy while I feel bad for myself because Josh is gone.

Yesterday we …