Toddler Stories : GRENADE!

I was brave and went to the grocery store with all 3 boys today. It was fun until the very end when everyone was tired, but wired. I wish I had brought my camera. Here, allow me to paint a picture for you with words instead.

I'm scouring the aisles for chocolate pudding. I see jello, vanilla pudding, tiramisu pudding, milk, butter, cream... back to the puddings... que el effe (what the F). Feeling defeated I ditched my cart at the creamy creations area and decided to settle for strawberry gelatin for Noah's lunches a mere 3 feet away from us. I grab some jello and turn back around to add it to the rest of our goods. There's a lanky dark-haired grandpa cracking up, holding my eggs, trying to talk Brennan into giving him the egg in his tiny, but surprisingly strong baby hand. There are two other eggs smashed on the floor below his feet. Everyone else is also laughing, recounting the tale to me as if it were the JFK shooting, shaking their heads in awe. There were about 5 people telling me all about it... all I thought was "damn, where's my camera". Brennan was an instant celebrity with his coy smile, snot nose, and long fluttery eyelashes.

TEN SECONDS, people... maybe even less. THAT'S HOW LONG I WAS GONE!! According to eyewitness accounts as soon as I turned he reached around for the egg carton, opened it up, and just started tossing them out like grenades. It was like he'd been planning it. It was funny... I didn't even blush and I generally blush over everything. It was just too random and hilarious for me to get upset or feel embarrassed. It was, dare I say... cute! I thought of this post from Rants From Mommyland immediately. I saw little faces on those eggs I swear. I found the chocolate pudding in the next aisle over... go figure. Out of guilt and a crushing sense of responsibility I bought the carton without replacing the 2 eggs. This means good Karma!!

Then as I'm recounting the story to Josh Brennan reaches over and hits the reset button on our converter box, shutting down the power to everything. "... bye babe" lol

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