Saturday's, Unplugged

These pictures don't really pertain to this post, but the feeling does.

Noah got his report card and has done better in most categories, but is still having a lot of trouble concentrating and is behind in reading comprehension (which is due to lack of concentration). We're still reading Harry Potter and that's helping. Noah's made a breakthrough with writing and he's a wonderful speller!! His hand-writing is improving. We're very proud of all the work he's done!

20110216 5596

We decided it was time for some more drastic measures to improve his ability to focus. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you "Saturdays, Unplugged". From now on we're going to leave all TV, movies, computers, and gaming systems off on Saturdays and just play board games, outside, or with the plethora of toys upstairs. This also applies to Mommy and Daddy. After dinner we'll do our family movie night still, but anything before then will be strictly hands-on, no more passive mind-numbing activities (the wii is pretty action-packed... but still). I just ordered a few new games and supplies from Amazon: Perfection, Hidden Hints, Pictionary Jr., Guess Who, and a school scrapbook and writing pads for Noah.

20110216 7935

It's going to be difficult for me, I know. I'm addicted to my laptop. Most likely I will lean on my camera to get me through hehe. That and cooking. Josh and I will probably start making huge extravagant meals on Saturdays... and cleaning a lot. Probably take more day trips! Excited!!!

20110216 7925

I think it will end up being something we all look forward to, and maybe even a new tradition that gets passed on. In my head I see us 25 years down the road with the grandkids all playing games on Saturdays. I love this daydream!! We were both raised on family game nights so it makes sense. Josh is excited about it too. Time to bust out the legos again, babe!

20110216 5593

Imagine the fun and excitement we shall have! I suspect it will resemble a combination of "Little House on the Prairie" and "Malcolm in the Middle"... so... wholesome chaos.

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