Valentine's Day Extravaganza 2011!!!!

20110212 5587

Hahahahhaa... just kidding. I am going to do laundry today and that's about it. Noah made me a cute card in Spanish class though :) We celebrate "valentine's day" on the 19th, the anniversary of when we started dating, our "CC". It's an acronym for our first conversation, which lead to us being stuck like glue to each other from then on. Plus it has the added bonus of being much less crowded if we go out. Aren't we so super romantical?! If we ever make it back to Texas I'd love to drink a toast at the scene of the crime like on "Serendipity" ;)

20110212 5588

I used to say that the 6 weeks we dated was short and embarrassing, we were young and crazy and blah blah blah, but since this TDY happens to be 6 weeks long I must admit I've changed my mind. If our dating days went as slowly as this TDY then we dated for about a decade. We have decided after this dragging, miserably lonely time apart that he needs to get out of the Army. But, we've decided that many times. We'll see how we feel when it's re-up time. A friend of mine pointed out that with memories "the good stuff sticks and the crummy stuff is often forgotten". How right she is... and thank God.
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