Groundhog Day

Today is Groundhog Day and I always think of the Bill Murray movie. My life feels like that sometimes. I say the same phrases day in and day out, get asked the same questions at the same times every day. The Army phrase is "same old sh*t, different day" So... we're shaking things up!

I love love love love the 3 hours I get while Tristan and Brennan are napping, but I am giving it up. All I did was play on Facebook anyway... I could have cleaned, but I never did. Tristan hasn't napped in a few days and his tantrums have decreased exponentially. He just needed some more alone time with Mommy I think, especially with Josh gone. He also stays asleep longer at night now, which seems to help his 'tude as well. This also gives me more opportunities to teach him and try and get him to finally go on the potty. I have been more productive since I don't have the option to sit on my butt and be lazy while I feel bad for myself because Josh is gone.

20110201 5548

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and for the first time BOTH of the boys were little angels. I got them candy as a prize :) They most definitely deserved it. I was even able to snap some pictures there. I like taking pics of our normal days out so people can see how Spain is different from the US. I gotta do it soon before I forget the differences!

For instance:

* You have to put a coin in a cart handle to unlock it and take it with you (you get it back once you put your cart back in the corral and chain it onto the "line"). The wheels all move 360 degrees, which may sound cool, but makes it nigh impossible to steer once you get some weight in there. I always see ladies in heels, straddled, faces scrunched, trying to convince their carts to swing down an aisle.

* The store I go to is one of the few that bags groceries for you and has plastic carts. The cashiers everywhere have chairs. They don't stand, they sit comfortably at their register, scan your stuff and throw it down the belt, take your money, and then watch while you try and throw everything back into your cart. This is the reason we bag groceries at the car. We have reusable bags, but the time it takes to bag groceries while 2 kids act like maniacs does not match up with the time it takes the cashier to scan and toss everything. I like avoiding glares. Most Spaniards will help, but it depends on the store. The more "wal-marty" (yes I mean you, Carrefour) stores are full of rude people... how apropos.

20110201 5544

* There is a walkway much like the ones in airports that grabs onto the cart wheels and holds them in place, whisking you back to parking. That part is cool :)

20110201 5546

20110201 5547

* There is an abundance of seafood, cured/smoked meats, cured cheeses, and fresh baked breads here. I will definitely miss those when we go back to the states. I can't tell you how often I get a baguette, throw some cured pork loin or jamon on it, a slice of manchengo, maybe a little olive oil and chow down. I'm not big on the canned fishes, but the fresh (and even the frozen) is excellent.

That's it for now. Brennan's finally up! :)

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