Here a Park, There a Park

Noah was off school since Wednesday for mid-winter break so we had a lot of free time on our hands which we promptly filled with random outdoor activities. Thank you great weather!! We had a kiddie carnival on base and a trip to the zoo with our friends.

20110223 5639


20110223 5636

Noah had his first baseball practice, babies had doctors appointments, we did some grocery shopping, and a whole lot of spare time left for exploring our local area (which is how the previous post came to pass).

20110225 5691

We were feeling a bit crazy, needing to get out of the house so we did a lot of driving in our own neighborhood (and nearby neighborhoods). We found several cool parks we'll probably revisit and a shopping center in the middle of the 'burbs which I plan to visit during the week to see what goodies they're packin'. I listened to a lot of music and enjoyed the serenity of having all three children buckled into their seats, quietly watching the scenery zip by. This is probably why we barely got out of the car this weekend.

57 - Keeping My Distance

20110227 5687

Today started off fine. We were cuddling on the couch and being all cute and Cleaver-y and then they were done with that and started getting aggressive, especially Noah. Best way to get out aggression is with exercise. Usually Josh will wrestle with them (and I do a lot as well, but I just didn't have it in me today). So we found two new playgrounds. So, what started out as a very stressful day ended up being a race to the slide. I needed the exercise too I guess.
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