Friday Fieldtrips

Every Friday I take Brennan and Tristan up to the base for Music and Movement class. There have been more and more kids coming and my boys actually look forward to it every week now. Tristan used to cry the entire time and sit in my lap, refusing to participate. Now he sings, dances, plays instruments, and doesn't cry! So glad he finally warmed up to it because I really enjoy going someplace with other adults around.

20110218 5613

20110218 5611

We usually hang out there and have lunch with my friend and her babies, but this Friday we had things to accomplish... well, she did. I used the extra time to take the kids out to Burger King for late lunch and a romp in the playground, which made them super happy and cooperative. This presented me with the rare opportunity to take a photo fieldtrip back out to Brunete (where we watched the World Cup Final).

20110218 5609

49 - Brunete's Plaza Mayor

The weather was amazing. I wish I had grabbed my entire camera bag because the drive there was spectacular. The air was really clear, sky blue as ever, fluffy clouds, the mountains were covered in snow, and the fields were blooming yellow. I tried to use my wide-angle, but it's definitely not meant for that. I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to go back before my 365 pictures in 2011 is over. I've been loving this project, by the way.

20110218 5604

20110218 5600

So anyway... I took a lot of pictures and the boys ran all over the place and threw things in the fountain. Great day!!!

20110218 5599
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