The Ever-Elusive Castle

20110224 8144

20110224 8137

The other day we went on a long hike, trying to find the road that would take us to the elusive castle in the distance. No luck! We had a lot of fun trying though. The boys thought the snow-capped mountains on the horizon and the abandoned house were soooooo cool.

20110224 8155

20110224 8140

I love going to places where I don't have to worry about people or cars. Our boys are globs of pure unadulterated destructive energy and need space to roam free and destroy things like anthills and sticks. Otherwise they just beat each other up and break things at home.

20110224 8151

The sun was unseasonably hot and the kids were acting like we were a band of nomads trudging through the Sahara towards the end. So... we gave up. I think next time I'm going to try and get closer with my car. At least we got our exercise!
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