The First "Saturday Unplugged"

Our first "Saturday Unplugged" went really well! So well that I hardly took any pictures while we were home because I was busy spending time with the boys. Imagine that! I went through slight withdrawal, not having my laptop to check email and facebook first thing in the morning with my coffee... but, it soon felt more liberating than annoying.

20110219 5617

The weather was cold and rainy so we didn't get to play outside, but we did leave to hit the grocery store and pet store. The boys love to look at all the little caged animals... pretty sure all children do, and I am all for free entertainment!

20110219 5619

50 - Spanish Deli

20110219 5616

The rest of the day we played games, just like we planned. I taught Noah how to play Go Fish, Crazy 8's, War, and Slap Jack... take a wild guess which one is his favorite. I'll give you a hint: it's the one in which you get to smack people. We also played Memory and I Spy Eagle Eye. Once our other games arrive from Amazon I'm sure we'll have even more fun.

20110219 5621

We listened to a lot of music, had a huge delicious dinner, and ended the night with our one family movie "Tangled". Tristan didn't make it through, Noah cried at the end (first time he's done that so I guess he's old enough to really understand the concept of death now). Brennan kept sliming me with kisses and saying "hola" to me nose-to-nose. He also seemed to enjoy driving trains over or smacking Tristan's poor little sleep-face with a hot chocolate mustache. Tristan never even flinched. It was a good day. Glad we started this!!
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